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Top 5 Motivational Videos You Need to Watch

Watch any of these videos and I guarantee you will feel a wave of positivity.

Do you know how inspiring Steve Harvey is? I mean, really. I always assumed he was just a game show host and a comedian but he is much more than that. Given the fact that I rarely watch TV and try to stay away from Social media, I get a limited presentation on what certain celebrities actually do. Steve Harvey helped me find light at the end of my 2018 tunnel. I have to say, he is one of my favorite motivational speakers. 

Next to Steve is Will Smith, Dr. Myles Munroe, Les Brown, and Eric Thomas. Each time I hear their voices flow through my Air Pods I feel like conquering the world. I feel like working on my craft, studying harder, writing more blog posts, challenging myself at work. I feel a wave of inspiration.  

Here are my top 5 favorite motivational videos: 

1) You Have Not Because You Ask Not - Steve Harvey Rags to Riches video testimony

2) Will Smith 1 Minute Motivation

3) Why it Pays to Be Hungry | Les Brown | Goalcast

4) Eric Thomas - GET UP & HIT BACK (Eric Thomas Motivation)

5) Self Discipline For Self Improvement | Myles Munroe

Watch any of these videos and I guarantee you will feel a wave of positivity. I have watched hundreds of motivational videos on YouTube. Steve Harvey even has a section on his YouTube channel solely for motivational purposes. Sometimes you need these type of pick me ups to get you over the hump of challenges thrown your way. 

Here is a Career Savage Challenge for you... listen to 1 motivational video each morning while getting ready for work or school. At the end of 7 days email and tell me how you feel!

Here is to peace, love, and prosperity. 

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