The Career Savage Story


     areer Savage was founded in 2017 with a mission to help college students feel more prepared for the real world. College advisors are often overburdened and don't have the capacity to guide each student down a career path. As a result, Career Savage came to life. Career Savage prides itself on offering everyday people relevant and current career advice. We empower clients to take control of their career goals and create opportunities in order to achieve them.  

Founder Story

"If I don't go to medical school what other jobs can I get with my pre-medicine degree?" Kyyah asked her college advisor this question in 2013 and never received an answer. She began college in 2012 and completed her studies in 2016. Throughout her undergrad education, not a single career question was answered. Her advisor only ever advised on what courses were needed to walk come graduation day. 

Beyond frustrated, she took her career into her own hands sophomore year only working jobs relevant to her major. From Pharmacy Technician at CVS (2013) to an acting Senior Manager in Regulatory Affairs (2020), Kyyah worked her way up quickly using what she calls a "Career Savage Mentality". 

Kyyah created Career Savage in order to bridge the gap between advisors and students. "Everyone needs career guidance! That's why people have mentors", Kyyah states. High school students, college students, Graduates, and working Professionals all require stable, relevant, and current guidance throughout their careers. Instead of waiting for school systems and corporations to get with the times, Kyyah created Career Savage. 

Success is what you deem it to be. Always follow your own definition, not societies. 

- Kyyah Abdul 

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