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My Employer Said They Wouldn't Hire Me Again Because I'm Young!

There is something especially unsettling about having your employer tell you straight to your face you stand no chance of being re-hired as a result of being "too young". What's even more unsettling is knowing other people within your generation don't stand a chance getting hired because they too are "too young".

I talk a lot about my previous job because far too much took place there. From microaggressions to this incident, it is all too important to discuss. While my employer may have stated this in a playful manner, I didn't find it funny. It shines a light on a bigger issue and that is youth being left out by corporate America for the most foolish of reasons. It's bad enough we have to deal with the "10 years of experience for an entry-level position" phenomenon. Now we have to deal with being denied employment because we are too young? This kind of insanity needs to stop. In an effort to stop this I am going to tell you about my experience so you can be vigilant in case an employer tries to say anything like this to you.

During my last day of employment, my manager made his way over to my desk to make small talk. I would have preferred he passed my desk but alas. He stated, "I don't want to hire young people anymore". He has the power to make that happen considering he gives the green light for hirings in that department. I asked him why genuinely intrigued. He said, "young people always leave". Causing more work for him in terms of training. I uncomfortably chuckled and continued packing up my desk. He basically was upset young people know their worth and refuse to remain in stagnant positions. I know he isn't the only person who thinks like this! A lot of employers feel this way.

What I should have done was gone to HR and if I felt HR wouldn't handle the situation appropriately I should have proceeded to inform the social media jury: the great people of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. See, when there is no accountability, employers will proceed with their closeted ideals.

If you feel you didn't get a job because of your age, MAKE NOISE. Let the company know as well as others! That's the only way things are going to change. Employers know younger people are quicker and sometimes smarter than their more experienced employees and would rather exploit your talent than pay you want you are worth or they rather not hire you because they know with a little bit more experience you'll up and leave to get what you deserve.

They would rather hire someone with outdated experience than take a chance on you because you are "too young" in their eyes to excel in whichever role you applied. Don't let anyone or any organization tell YOU what YOU are capable of achieving. Whenever you can take a stand against youth ageism.

If you want more details and thoughts on this topic watch the video below.

Until Next time, stay savage

Kyyah Abdul




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