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I Suffer from Imposter Syndrome

I suffer from imposter syndrome.

Well, at least I felt like I did all throughout 2021...

Imposter syndrome will allow you to believe you can't do what you are ALREADY doing!

It's crazy.

I have 5 years of experience in regulatory affairs and I was offered 3 Director level positions in 2021.

Even as I was getting job offers at this level I would openly vocalize to recruiters that I am at the Associate Director level...

If you search Regulatory Affairs on Youtube you will find a slew of videos from various content creators.

~50% of the videos you see upon your initial search will direct you to my YouTube Channel because I currently create tons of regulatory videos and I have for the past few years.

Over the past few months, my subscribers have asked me to create a Regulatory Affairs "masterclass" on YouTube.

I kept telling them, "I don't know enough to teach Regulatory Affairs".

I do not know everything but with my years of experience, I know more than enough to teach something!

So today I posted the first episode of my Regulatory Affairs Explained Series where I discuss the FDA, Application Types, Regulatory Pathways & More!

I refuse to let imposter syndrome keep me from doing more of what I already do!


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