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How TF do Coffee & Careers Correlate?

People may wonder, "What is the correlation between Coffee & Careers"? and "Why does Career Savage post coffee all the time"? Today, you get your answer. Coffee and Tea are often two common drinks found in the work place. Why? For one, the caffeine keeps people alert while working. Two, Coffee can increase productivity. A 2010 study at MIT showed that employees who take coffee breaks together demonstrate an overall improvement in their productivity.

Here are the top 3 reasons Career Savage promotes coffee drinking:

(1) Coffee is Social

Coffee is a multi-billion dollar industry. Look at chains like Starbucks and Pete's coffee. Not to mention the mom & pop coffee shops that are seen on every corner. People love coffee and even more people love coffee shops. When you are working in a coffee shop you are likely to engage with others who are also getting work done. We talk a lot about networking and building a network to advance within your career. Coffee provides an additional avenue for doing such a thing.

(2) Coffee keeps you alert

Coffee has caffeine in it which is proven to keep you alert, although too much can certainly give you the jitters. In general, while you are working you want to be alert and be able to engage during meetings and in the office. When you consume coffee in the morning you start your say off productively as you are able to focus more. Again, as we mentioned above and in other posts know your caffeine limits because too much can do the opposite.

(3) Coffee may improve your life expectancy

Yup, that's right. Coffee may help you live longer. Career Savage is about Careers, yes but we are also about optimizing your life for the better. Which means, we want you to live a long and purposeful life. While researching Careers and Coffee we stumbled upon this fact: "The US National Institute for Health released a study that found a correlation between the amount of coffee consumed and risk of death. From the study: The researchers found that the association between coffee and reduction in risk of death increased with the amount of coffee consumed. Relative to men and women who did not drink coffee, those who consumed three or more cups of coffee per day had approximately a 10 percent lower risk of death.

Well there you have it. Our 3 reasons behind promoting and posting Coffee & Careers. They say coffee drinkers are more likely to be successful so drink up! Let us know your thoughts! Do you think Coffee and Careers correlate?


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