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5 Tips on Modern Day Focusing

Nowadays, it is challenging to focus on what we are doing. We get distracted by social media, our surroundings, and plain old day dreaming. Here are Career Savages top 5 tips on bettering your focus:

(1) Put all your electronics on DND while working 🛑

If you are reading this and currently have 300 unread messages, stop reading and go reply to the people who have reached out to you. There is nothing more rude than not replying to people who are attempting to get in contact with you! Especially people who are in your career field. Now, even though we are saying it is rude not to reply to people sometimes a flurry of incoming messages can distract you from getting work done. For this reason we advise you to put your laptop and phone on DND while you are getting work done! You would be surprised how much you accomplish when you do not see incoming notifications.

(2) Limit Multitasking and focus on one thing at a time!⏰

We cannot successfully multitask. You may think switching between two tasks is effective but it truly limits your efficiency. If you are working on two things at one time you are doing each at 50% accuracy, precision & efficiency. You cannot do two tasks at 100% because ummmmmmm YOU'RE ONLY ONE PERSON. In order to focus better, focus on one thing at a time!

(3) Limit your caffeine intake.☕️

Caffeine affects everyone differently but generally speaking caffeine can give you the jitters limiting your focus. Know your limits and stick to it in order to better your focus.

(4) Award yourself with a short break in between completing tasks. 🚶🏾‍♀️

After completing one task, step away from your computer or whatever you are working on. Take a 5 minute walk, consume food, or return any missed calls you may have received while grinding! When you reward yourself, it motivates you to complete your tasks.

(5) Find a quiet place to work in silo

A lot of people think they can get work done in a crowded coffee shop OR they think they can work down with friends. 90% of you cannot. Let's be honest, when you are in a coffee shop that plays loud music and is filled with people having conversations you will be distracted! You will not be as productive as you think. It takes a certain type of person to be able to tune out all background noise. Some can do it, some cannot. Again, know your limitations. Additionally, working with very close friends almost never works out. You end up having conversations totally unrelated to your work distracting you from getting anything done. If you really want to focus, work in an environment that works for you and work alone.

Well, there you have it! 5 straight forward tips to help you focus! Comment below your thoughts and your tips on focusing in modern day society.


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